Oh, messy life...

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This girl I work with found out that I work out…and it got really weird for me. “Hey I saw a picture of you with your shirt off.” It came out of no where, “Oh really? On Facebook or…haha I probably looked like a chomp.” She didn’t say anything for a while, and then again “Let me see your abs.” This was not going to happen, because,

1: We had customers

2: I didn’t want to lead her on in any way, shape, or form.

So I went on “Ummm, I think i’ll pass.” But she continued, and thats when it got weird “I’ll pay you, I just want to see you with your shirt off.” She said this in front of a customer, and it was weird for me, so I just walked away. And I know you’re thinking, well that sounds good for you right? Well, I don’t want a relationship or anything…AT ALL. So no, it wasn’t cool.

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I tried…

I called her every time I was out of town for school. I listened when she needed someone to talk to. I took her out on dinner dates, even though she said she didn’t like it (I know she did). I let her borrow my car whenever needed she it. I never made rules like her past boyfriends (no makeup when going out, no guy friends, etc…). I met her family, and stayed on my best behavior. I encouraged her to think about the future, and make positive choices instead of living for the day only. I helped her as much as I could, and I loved her with all my heart…

and she still broke up with me.

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It was my ex…she was sending me a message through Facebook. I replied.."…yes?" She continued on, "Whats’s up, I haven’t heard from you?"

What the fuck do you want me to say? I mean let’s look at what happened, you broke up with me…because you thought we weren’t good for each other. Of course I’m not going to talk or say anything to you. You broke my heart, I’m STILL partially not over what happened. I didn’t reply, we had barely said anything and that was enough for me to realize, I don’t want to talk you anymore. And don’t you dare complain about how you want to see/hear from me. YOU pushed ME away.

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No that’s cool man…

Went to this coffee shop tonight, hey were having some comedian tell jokes. He was actually pretty funny, but I don’t want to talk about that. I saw a friend in the corner of the room, he looked at me, then back to the guy telling jokes. At the end of the performance, everyone started for the door, and as “my friend” walked by I said “Hey man, what’s up!” 

He looked at me and said “Hi” and continued walking out. That’s what he had to say? Hi?!?!? Dude we’re better friends than that. Don’t answer me with something that anyone walking by could have said. Even a “Sup man” would have sufficed. Maybe I’m thinking too much into this…but it definitely bothers me. 

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