Oh, messy life...

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My boss was speaking to me, it was early but I heard clearly. “We understand you don’t work Monday morning because of school. So instead of doing those specific tasks on Mondays, you’ll be doing them every morning you come in early.”

So not only did I NOT escape doing monday morning bullshit, but I have to do this fucking bullshit every fucking morning I come in…instead of 1 day a week. I knew they would find some way to pin this back on me :/

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So today…

I worked at 5 am and clocked out at 10. Before I left though, my manager had one thing to say to me, “Hey, we’ll probably have you do the same work on the next Monday you come in.” Monday 5 am shifts are usually appointed to me once every month. “Next time just work a little faster.”

Oh, well thanks for telling me I did a god job…

but there’s something he doesn’t know…

because of school, my scheduled changed,

which means I don’t work on Monday anymore.

Fuck yea and fuck you :D

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Can’t win again…

Ok so I’m at my job, and I have 1 hour till I leave. My boss comes up to me and says “Casey, I have a small list of things I need you to do for me before you get out of here.” Now this really was a small list, but the tasks would easily take an hour to do. But the problem is I already had a small list of things to do before that.

Now the solution is for me to do everything and then leave right? 


Anyone who gets over time gets their hours cut. I’m averaging about 30 hours a week, which is a pretty decent paycheck. Anyone who goes over their given hours gets 10 or more hours taken away from their next schedule (I’ve seen it happen a couple of times). 

So here are my options: 

I can either get everything done, stay over, and get in trouble for staying


I can half ass everything and still get in trouble for not doing a good job.

Ummmm, yea I ain’t getting my hours cut, fuck that. Sorry boss.

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